Spirituality The Key: Positive Vibes

Spirituality is all about generating positive vibrations. This is the basic ground work you have to undertake for a spiritual existence. To generate positive vibes you have to think positive, you have to act positive and you have to talk positive. If your mind is full of negative thoughts it will reflect in everything you do including your aura becoming malicious and harmful. 

Of course, negativity may invade you from others and from circumstances. But if you practice sincerely you will develop a defense shell around you that will thwart any negativity from any source. So many times you hear someone making an unnecessary negative statement like a particular flight or train getting delayed and if you do not counter it with your positive powers that particular flight or train invariably gets delayed without any reason. And mind you, you may be angry for righteous reasons. 

As long as you streamline your anger into constructive use your anger does not become a negative force. Anger is also energy and it depends on how you use it. We live in the visible world; but the invisible world is more potent and immensely powerful. This is Nature which constantly tests your intensions and your sincerity. When you make negative remarks Nature sees to it that it happens and you suffer for it. If you have positive thoughts or remarks the positive energies of Nature get attracted and these come to your help. 

The benevolent energies keep on saving you on innumerable occasions that you may not even be aware of. On the contrary if you attract negative energies with your negativity these make you miserable. You keep on getting countless messages from the cosmos and only with positive thinking powers you can decipher them. On many occasions you get gloomy and depressed without any reason and some gruesome accidents take place somewhere in the globe with many people getting killed that you may not notice. 

Your mind frequency catches up signals for ominous events all the time. You only need to receive them with a trained mind and this training you can imbibe by being positive. As you climb to higher planes with your positive thinking powers you can also interpret your dreams and use them too for your benefit. Through concentrative meditation you can develop your positive thinking powers. So be positive. Always.


  1. Thank you for sharing this. Being positive then I think is connecting to the supreme being..


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