Spirituality The Key

You need to be spiritual to tap the immense power hidden in the numerous layers of your mind. These powers will lie unexploited if you don’t try. It’s not an inhuman task going about exercising spirituality. ‘Spirituality’ we talk here is not necessarily bound to religion. The basic point is concentration. You must concentrate your mind on something or on nothing. The simplest way is to sit down, close your eyes and try making your mind or brain just blank—just don’t think about anything. How long you can stay on in this state of blankness is the test and the key to further development. Or you can concentrate on an object eyes shut or open and think nothing except about the object. 

Mediation is primarily what is described above. But there are many theories and methods of meditation and you need an instructor to adopt a particular method. From a practical point of view you can do concentration exercises on own so that you join formal training at a much higher level. If you are gifted with a little intuition you are already there. We are telling from an entirely practical experience.

We have a spiritual guru whose name and details we cannot disclose now as he has not given permission for that. He has his guru at an elevated plane and permission is connected to that. Our guru has practiced rigorous meditation for many years since his adolescence and has attained a divine fully conscious state where he can get constant messages from the cosmos. Without having formal training in a subject he can delve into the depth of it and teach you. He can tell you everything about your problems, past life and solutions. 

Of course, his solutions are not ready made that you can put or wear on immediately. He initiates you into a process of purifying your mind and body. No negative thoughts, no criticisms of anybody and no negative utterances. On this point we will discuss in the next post. 

Our guru tells us that reciting a hymn continuously creates energy and you have to utilize that energy to further your goals by taking a prior pledge. You can meditate by simply reciting the hymns continuously allotting a time slot, but in that the energy generated is lost. More on this when our guru gives his consent. Meantime you can post your comments and narrate your problems, because sometimes seemingly nagging problems have obvious or very simple solutions.


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