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Being Religious Is More About Being Tolerant and Supportive...!

Adopting a religion is normally not your personal choice. You get born with a religion, because the family you are born into decides your religion. Of course, during the course of your life you can change your religion, but that belongs to an issue which is not the subject matter of this short piece.   No religion perhaps forces you to follow a rigorous course of daily rituals. Everything you prefer or not prefer to do is optional. You can be the most devoted person in your heart, but you may not actually do the external rituals at all. That is the beauty of almost all religions of the world. After you are born into the family you are officially into a particular religion, and you are supposed to fall in line with the family preferences. If the members of your family or your wife desire you to do certain things along with them you should always be supportive of that. You should extend your full participation irrespective of what you actually feel in your heart. This can also b