Being Religious Is More About Being Tolerant and Supportive...!

Adopting a religion is normally not your personal choice. You get born with a religion, because the family you are born into decides your religion. Of course, during the course of your life you can change your religion, but that belongs to an issue which is not the subject matter of this short piece.  No religion perhaps forces you to follow a rigorous course of daily rituals. Everything you prefer or not prefer to do is optional. You can be the most devoted person in your heart, but you may not actually do the external rituals at all. That is the beauty of almost all religions of the world.

After you are born into the family you are officially into a particular religion, and you are supposed to fall in line with the family preferences. If the members of your family or your wife desire you to do certain things along with them you should always be supportive of that. You should extend your full participation irrespective of what you actually feel in your heart. This can also be valid for various events or functions organised by your immediate neighborhood or the larger society. As far your inner intellect is concerned such participation does not in any way indicate the way you may think. Here the feeling of tolerance is of utmost importance.

The daily chores of life have almost nothing to do with your religion. You eat, sleep and enjoy at home just like human beings closeted by an inevitable existential thread. You go to work and behave to others just like human beings. In public transport you never bother about the faiths and beliefs of the commuters, you take them as fellow human beings. If offices too, you look at others from the point of view of ‘work’ only. You can go into any eatery and treat the sellers there as other human beings irrespective of what they believe in. There you can take your food as per your personal choice, not any other consideration. You can also refuse to go into an eatery based on your food choices only. Languages can also chosen as the medium to communicate between a group, there are no barriers of any kind that may prevent you from speaking a particular language, when your fellow human being doesn’t understand your language it’s a communication failure, not anything else.

There are also no bindings that prevent you from going to a particular place, let it be even a place of worship. You only find your fellow human beings there too, and it’s again your personal choice to participate or not in the devotional course of events.

Similarly, climate and personal choices decide the dress you prefer to wear. There is no other factor involved here, unless you’d want to impose some!

It all amounts to basically having a cup of tea. Tea is consumed worldwide irrespective of any barriers. It’s only the steaming tea inside the cup that interests you in having it, and you can fulfil your choice of that anywhere—office, home, streets, eateries or you name it. You never bother who provides you that cup of tea, only bother being that the quality should be good and inspiring! Same for a glass of water where even personal choice doesn’t come in, it’s always need based and compulsory.

Therefore, it’s always best to enjoy your glass of water or your steaming cup of tea to the fullest extent possible come what may!


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